Organizations with more than one handheld, more than one desktop or a combination of handhelds and desktops can share Item information between the various devices. Sharing information amongst the various TurnStone devices allows users to maximize the overall functionality and efficiency of the system and distribute normal business processes and activities across the various people who perform those job functions.

With this feature enabled, the information about Items enrolled on any of the shared devices is transferred to all of the other shared devices in the group. As Items are seen - as part of a simple area survey or a coordinated inventory - the fact that a user saw those Items at one location causes the rest of the group of shared devices to acknowledge that

the Items were seen and display the location of the seen Items to their individual users.

When sharing is enabled, a Group Code is established that allows users to manage the various devices in their group. Group member management (adding to and removing devices from a group) is performed at the device level.

HandHeld to HandHeld Sharing

Multiple handhelds can be used in concert to perform a single inventory and the collected information will be shared amongst them. Items enrolled on one handheld appear in the Items catalog on all the other handhelds.

As Items are seen by any handheld, the other handhelds are alerted that the Item was seen, where it was seen and by whom. As Items are updated on any handheld, the updated Item information is passed to the other handhelds. The next time the Items are seen by any of the handhelds in the group, the updated information is presented to the user of the handheld seeing the Item.

Desktop / Tablet & HandHeld Sharing

Combine the import, export and report capabilities of the TurnStone Desktop Software with the flexibility of the TurnStone Handheld Software and realize the true power of this scalable solution.

As desktop users import and manage Item catalogs, the Item information is passed automatically to the shared handhelds. As the handhelds see Items, the information collected by the handhelds is passed back to the desktop and can be used in reports or exports. Items enrolled by the handhelds, appear on the desktop and are available for Item management, exports and reports.