Resellers and Referrals Program

TurnStone is a collection of elements that can be custom tailored to virtually any organization that needs to keep a count of the Items that they have on hand, catalog the Items that they have, monitor the movement of that inventory or their supplies or are interested in lowering the overall cost of performing inventories.

For these reasons – and others – TurnStone is being fully and partially adopted by organizations and businesses in a variety of industries for many purposes. Pelican is looking for people and businesses to resell TurnStone to others within their local area or simply introduce us to others that may be interested in taking advantage of the efficiencies and operational cost savings that that TurnStone enables.

Through these programs we are looking to expand our network into communities outside of the greater Dayton Ohio region and into market verticals that we may not have yet considered. Additionally, we have deployed TurnStone into industries that range from retail jewelry sales to custom furniture manufacturing and from equipment rental businesses to scientific laboratories. We have demonstration videos and marketing materials available to assist in the sales process and work closely with our partners to provide them with the tools that they need to promote TurnStone.

Resellers and those referring potential sales to us receive commission from completed sales and as TurnStone in some respects is a software-as-a-service subscription model, residual revenue can be generated.

For details on either our reseller or our referral program, please contact us.