What Is TurnStone?

TurnStone is a collections of independent software and hardware elements that can standalone or come together to create a complete solution that allows users to quickly and efficiently determine if known items are present in a given space. These elements are a mix and match collection that come together to fit the unique needs of unique organizations and their unique business environments. At a high level, these elements are:

      TurnStone handheld RFID reader and software

      TurnStone desktop RFID reader and software

      Shareable Item information between devices

      A secure cloud-based interface

      External 3rd party system connections

      Customizable Reports

The HandHeld Reader

The handheld RFID reader allows users to enroll Items, search an area for Items that have been enrolled, quickly survey an area to see which Items are present, find Items that are missing and check Items in and out.

The DeskTop Reader

The desktop RFID reader and software allows users to manage the enrolled Items, enroll new Items, import and export Item collections, check Items in and out of locations and generate reports.

Private Secure Cloud Database Interface

The private secure cloud database interface allows users to fully manage the Items that are enrolled. Access and edit information about each Item, generate exportable reports, and their associated information including their last seen locations.

Intuitive User Interface

TurnStone’s intuitive user interface and ease of use allows novice users to quickly learn all the features and minimizes training required for operation of the system.

TurnStone provides organizations a superior use experience over manual inventory processes. Using TurnStone to perform an inventory is less laborious and less time consuming than traditional processes. Additionally, TurnStone provides more accurate information and instantaneous reports allowing users to locate missing Items faster than traditional legacy processes.