TurnStone includes a robust and wide-ranging set of functional elements that can be used in concert with each other or standing alone as individual operations. At Pelican we realize that every organization’s process is different and unique. TurnStone was designed and built so that only the functional elements that an organization needs can be included in that organization’s implementation. Additional functionality can be added as needed. These functional elements are indicated below.

For more detailed information regarding any of these, please click on the named functional element of interest:


Item Management


Integrates Item In / Out


Read Individual RFID Tags


Barcode → RFID Write


Output to File


Output to Keyboard


Output to URL


Area Surveys


Desktop / Handheld / Web Interfaces


Writes to Individual RFID Tags


Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Support


RFID to Item Enrollment


Item / Bin Alerts


Custom Branding


Exportable Reports


Item Movement History


Bulk Read / Write RFID Tags


Location (Bin) Management


User Management


Connected Device Management


Local Hosting