We have focused TurnStones core features to natively support:

Barcode / SKU Scanning and Linking:

  The TurnStone Handheld & Desktop hardware and software allows users to scan barcodes and RFID Tags, then associate those tags with Items. The Desktop also allows information to be added about each Item, Items to be imported, Items catalog to be exported, catalog Items managed and reports to be generated.

Item Organization:

  Items enrolled into the Items catalog can be organized into multiple hierarchical categories. These categories are defined by the organization, are flexible and dynamic and can change as Items are added or removed. Items can reside in multiple categories simultaneously and categories can have sub-categories.

Reports, Surveys, User Audit Trails:

  TurnStone users can generate a variety of reports that can be exported to .csv for use / import into other applications: Counts by location or type, Variance reports for the last inventory, Survey an area to look for a selected Item, Survey an area to find all the Items in the area, Customizable Item level reporting, and Audit trails and Item movement reports.

Multiple Users & User Roles:

  The primary administrator can add and remove users as needed. Each user's permission level is determined by the unique needs of the organization. Administrators have full control, managers can manage Items and virtual "Bins", users can view Items, Bins and Bin contents.

Standalone mode for remote operations:

  The TurnStone handheld hardware and software allows users to scan RFID Tags and barcodes, associate those scans with Items, enroll the Items into the Items catalog, survey an area looking for a selected Item or survey an area to find all the Items in the location.

Customized Additional Item Attributes:

  TurnStone users can add photographs, PDF’s and documents to enrolled Items. Valid users can export Items – either all Items or a subset based on filtered selections like location, Item type, SKU, description or any other associated Item information.

Item Enroll & Management:

  To enroll a new Item, simply scan an RFID Tag or barcode and associate that scan with the Item being enrolled. TurnStone will save the Item to the private secure cloud database and allow for additional information to be associated.

Multiple Site Management:

  TurnStone’s ability to transfer Items from site to site and maintain an audit trail for the Items adds a level of sophistication not present in other off-the-shelf Items management / inventory systems.

Item Find & Transfers:

  After Items are enrolled, the TurnStone handheld will identify what Items have been “seen” and which are “missing”. The handheld allows users to search (radar) for missing Items (or any enrolled Items).

This is the perfect solution for any organization
looking for a cost effective and easy to use inventory tool.