With both data sharing and private secure cloud database access enabled, TurnStone users at one organization can share their Item information with other organizations using TurnStone. The underlying architecture of the TurnStone system allows multiple organizations to “link” their systems together to enhance efficiencies of operations and enable more secure Item transactions.

TurnStone Identity Certificates on the connected systems validate that the systems, devices and connected elements are authentic.

By linking sites together, users can quickly and efficiently transfer enrolled Items from one location to another. When the transfer takes place, all the information associated with the Item being transferred flows with the Item from organization to organization. This sharing of information adds efficiencies to the processes of receiving Items and prevents duplicated efforts across distribution networks.

TurnStone’s ability to transfer Items from site to site and maintain an audit trail of the Item as it moves adds a level of sophistication not present in other off-the-shelf inventory / item management systems. This sharing of information between multiple organizations enables the development of detailed management procedures to track supply chain processes, ensure timely delivery of Items, detect fraudulent Items inside the supply chain and allow end recipients of Items to know (without the shadow of doubt) that the Item being received is coming from a verified supplier and manufacturer.

Due to the open nature of the TurnStone data interface, it can be linked with a wide variety of different online database systems and even private inhouse databases.

TurnStone can be configured to both pull information from these systems and push information out. As Items are moved from site to site, TurnStone can update the external systems with information about the progress of the Item.