Pelican Technologies was founded in 2005 in Dayton, Ohio as a software development firm focused on RFID sensors and what would later be known as “the cloud”. In the last 12 years we have written custom software applications that are quietly running behind the scenes at major multinational corporations and Fortune 100 companies.

These projects have included software and systems in the security industry interfacing cameras with a variety of hardware sensors; in logistics, assisting companies with inventory processes and automation using RFID; in a variety of other applications, building applications and systems that have helped our clients become more efficient and more profitable by decreasing the time required to perform core business functions.

Pelican has always been committed to supporting local Dayton, Ohio companies and doing its part as a member of the downtown Dayton community to promote the growth and development of other Dayton and Dayton Region companies. Our team of developers graphic designers and sales associates are all residents of the Dayton, Ohio region and we utilize the services of Dayton local vendors whenever possible.

Pelican has a wide variety of expertise and experience in broad ranging industries. No matter what your custom software project may be, Pelican can provide you with the system that you need to move your business forward, increase system inter-connectedness, decrease process inefficiencies, and advance your technology holdings to the next level.